➡ Associations, youth movements & clubs

Member management in a snap

From 20 hours to 10 minutes. And we are not exaggerating.

Total package for all administration and webshop options

Medical forms, payments, set up your own fully-fledged webshop, collect or send

Communication has never been so fast

Respond to nuanced questions faster and build trust along the way

➡ Federations & organizations

Administration and easy management

Overview, structure, document management, guidance and support are central.

So many extras such as a full-fledged webshop!

Need a webshop? Want to quickly offer your products to members and clubs? This is where it starts.

Follow-up and communication

Respond to nuanced questions faster and build trust along the way

➡ Schools and extracurricular activities

School trips

Organize your school trip like never before with the greatest of ease.

Extracurricular sports

Participating students: documents, registration or medical records.

School photography

Order clearly, choose, communicate with students or parents.

knowledge base

FAQ for members & parents

Learn how Ordolio helps build stronger administration and operational efficiency for members and parents

Knowledge and support

Ask Ordolio a question as a parent or member

knowledge base

FAQ for Admin & Webmasters

Discover how Ordolio helps with more overview, quick follow-up and control, structure in your member management, webshop and communication

Knowledge and support

Ask Ordolio a question as an administrator or as Webmaster

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Membership management

Membership management

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Your finances with Ordolio

Your finances with Ordolio

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The Ultimate Guide to Belcotax

The Ultimate Guide to Belcotax

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