We are Ordolio

Our history to the present

Ordolio is a free platform with which you can run your entire club, association, extracurricular activities, etc. We once started small, now we are the most comprehensive platform on the market.

Onze vereniging wordt Ordolio

From ‘Onze Vereniging’ to ‘Ordolio’

How it all started

Somewhere in 2018, Alexander Schillemans and Kristof De Vos started thinking about a membership administration platform for youth movements and clubs. At that time, both were still ICT students and passionate about club life.

The problem

Alexander Schillemans was then a leader at Chiro Jegra in Grasheide. As management, they experienced the same pain points every year.
Divide all members into age groups. Who had already paid their membership fee, who had not. Medical forms already brought or not. Always carrying around with all those ring binders. Keeping parents informed via email again and again without any follow-up structure. It happened several times that they noticed that some members had not yet paid a membership fee at the end of the chiro season.

Does it sound familiar?

The idea grew

This is how Alexander came up with the idea of ​​developing a platform that would solve all these pain points. He didn’t have to convince his childhood friend Kristof. Kristof noticed the same problem in the Belgian handball sport. Rather smaller clubs with not the largest budgets to purchase advanced packages. Their platform ‘Our Association’ would provide solace.

Onze Vereniging (Our Association) was born

Full of passion, late evenings, full weekends… they worked on their platform. A year later, Alexander was able to test the platform on his own Chiro.
They quickly noticed that their accounting and administration follow-up went from about 20 hours to about 10-20 minutes. It was a really big success. In the meantime, one or two other platforms had appeared on the Internet, but none that were as practical as theirs.

Free as essential must

Youth movements do not have large budgets. The same goes for many sports that never make it into the major media. That is why it was important to keep the costs for this platform as low as possible. Together they sometimes joked: ‘Well, you can’t get anything lower than free.’

How did they get this done? Well, they’ll be happy to tell you that themselves. It’s a matter of not giving others ideas.

Clubpoint jeugdbeweging , chiro , bosklasse

Associations and youth movements are finding their way

More and more youth movements are starting to find their way to the platform. Some start without a demo, others first request a demo and explanation. But the platform is growing noticeably, also at sports clubs and associations.

The name ‘Our Association’ is quickly becoming too narrow for the functions that the platform offers for clubs, associations, youth movements but also organizations. Events and schools are also quickly requesting that the platform be adapted to their wishes.

A new name suggests itself.

Onze Vereniging (Our Association) becomes Ordolio !

Alexander and Kristof’s belief in the endless possibilities for this platform is growing. A third IT guru offers himself: Nick Van Hoof, professionally 100% involved in IT.
Our Association is growing into a fully-fledged company and is changing its name. Ordolio is born.

In the meantime, full-time work is being done on the platform to make Ordolio the most comprehensive platform on the (international) market. And with success: new options and functions are added every month. Have you seen the webshop yet? Well, just request a demo. Our platform will convince you, we don’t have to do that ourselves.

Ordolio , ledenbeheer en administratie

Why make a trade-off if you don’t have to?

Ordolio , ledenbeheer en administratie