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Ordolio is a hub for membership administration. It makes collaboration easy and information accessible to keep your team, board and members focused on what matters: administration, management and communication with everyone who loves your organization, activity, event, youth movement or club.

Manage your Federations, organizations, events with Ordolio

Why Ordolio

for federations, organizations and events?

The Problem

When we visit the average federation, we often see cabinets for ring binders, per province, per club, … The average federation already works with digital communication tools, but this is often a collection of different programs. Who sent what and when or who does the practical follow-up is often difficult to find out and is not centrally managed. This causes a lot of time loss and unnecessary extra internal communication. Let alone if you want to subject certain actions to a secondary check, this appears not to be possible. Working together on a new project, adding a new club or association, it remains very cumbersome for the average federation.

The solution

Ordolio ensures uniformity for your clubs. Overview of affiliated associations, members and club payments, registrations per club, communication to members or directly to club management or boards. Are you, as a federation, currently active in sports, association life, youth movements, club life, … we ensure the most comprehensive efficiency possible.

Extra for you: Webshop !

And if all this is not enough, we have a full-fledged webshop on offer with all the trimmings. Make it easy for the boards of your clubs, their members, associations, youth movements… to place (additional) orders.
Promote your organization or federation with extra gadgets, drink bottles, mugs, clothing, …
Build your full-fledged webshop with all the bells and whistles. It’s that simple.

creating your own webshop by ordolio

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This way, Ordolio keeps all management and communication fast, accurate and human

Grow your federation or organization

Because a strong federation or organization with digital support also makes your members flourish.

Time for growtheasy & fast
management, members, groups, administration by ordolio

Reduce your costs and time

You as a federation or organization can store the ring binders. All the administration you need can be found on this platform. Set up your groups and your clubs will take care of the necessary formalities, documents, medical sheets and all the information your federation or organization deems necessary.

Good relationships and operational efficiency

When member relationships become secondary to operational efficiency, there’s good news: with Ordolio you can have it all.

Start IT @KBC

Great news

Ordolio is pleased to announce that we have been selected for the prestigious Start it Accelerate | @KBC programma!

Start IT @KBC

And it doesn't end...

We have been selected for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program!

This incredible opportunity will allow us to accelerate our mission to help clubs and youth movements streamline their administrative tasks while respecting the privacy of their members.

Why make a trade-off if you don’t have to?

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