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Everything under control now
We spent approximately 150 hours of administration per year on our accounting and documents for our members at the scouts.

Every year we found ourselves losing money on unpaid registrations. Sometimes just because we thought someone else was going to talk to or contact the parents. Or it was simply written down somewhere on a piece of paper that was then placed in a cover somewhere among other payment slips.
We noticed too late that the parents of members had not paid (on time) for our annual camp.

If you have to go after the money afterwards, you often don’t get it. Unfortunately, we noticed this every year.

Als je achteraf achter het geld moet aangaan, komt er dikwijls niet van in huis. Spijtig genoeg merkten we dit elk jaar.

Ordolio : scouts op kamp

These times are over

Now our accounting and follow-up no longer takes 150 hours, but really only a few minutes per month. A true relief, far fewer late payments and certainly no more missed payments.
That gives us more time to spend quality time with our members. A true relief.

Our annual closing via Ordolio always gives us a good feeling. No more heavy phone calls to parents. Everything is under control now.

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Start IT @KBC

Great news

Ordolio is pleased to announce that we have been selected for the prestigious Start it Accelerate | @KBC programma!

Start IT @KBC

And it doesn't end...

We have been selected for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program!

This incredible opportunity will allow us to accelerate our mission to help clubs and youth movements streamline their administrative tasks while respecting the privacy of their members.