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Manual Ordolio – Belcotax integration for Belgian associations

Ordolio – Belcotax Integration

In the ever-changing world of tax obligations and administrative tasks for Belgian associations, the efficiency of processes is central. An important aspect of these administrative responsibilities is the submission of tax certificates via the Belcotax system. With the introduction of Ordolio’s new Belcotax integration, this process is significantly impacted, allowing associations to feed on what really matters: their community.

What is Belcotax?

Belcotax is an initiative of the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance, aimed at facilitating electronic submission of tax certificates by associations. This system is crucial for any association that offers tax benefits to its members, as from 2022 it will be mandatory to submit these certificates online.

The Challenges of Belcotax

While Belcotax is designed to streamline the submission of tax certificates, the process can be overwhelming for some. The need to generate and submit a structured XML file, which provides an overview of all eligible members for tax certificates, can be complex. This is where Ordolio’s integration makes a difference.

How does Ordolio’s Belcotax Integration work?

Ordolio understands the complexity of the Belcotax system and provides a seamless solution that simplifies the process. By automatically generating an XML file that can be submitted through Belcotax-on-web, Ordolio eliminates the need for manual entry and potential errors. Our efficient integration ensures a smooth experience, saving you time and avoiding any mistakes in the process.

Belcotax via Ordolio

The Data for the XML File

To generate an XML file, we review all relevant paid activities and gather information about the participating members. To be eligible, a member must be registered and under 14 years old on the day(s) of the activity. Additionally, the national registry number of the member and parent is required; this detail is used by Ordolio to generate accurate certificates.

Certification Authority and Belcotax Number

Every fiscal certificate requires information from a certifying authority, such as a municipality or umbrella organization. Additionally, every association must have a unique Belcotax number, which can be obtained through the Belcotax website. Ordolio’s platform provides support in setting up these crucial elements.

Generating and Submitting the XML File

Once all the necessary information has been gathered and configured, Ordolio’s platform makes generating the XML file a matter of a few clicks. This file is then sent via email, ready to be converted into a BOW file and submitted through Belcotax-on-web.

Support and Troubleshooting

While Ordolio cannot assist with the actual submission of the declaration, the platform provides comprehensive support for the preparation of the XML file. This includes assistance with any error messages that are not caused by incorrect data in the file.

The Role of External Sources and Best Practices

To maximize the efficiency and accuracy of using the Belcotax system, it is advisable to follow best practices and utilize available external resources. Websites such as the Belgian Federal Public Service Finance provide detailed guides and step-by-step plans for dealing with the Belcotax system.

Ordolio: Your Partner in Administrative Simplification

With the introduction of Ordolio’s Belcotax integration
your association now has access to a tool that not only saves time, but also increases accuracy in meeting tax obligations. This innovative solution symbolizes Ordolio’s commitment to reducing the administrative burden for Belgian associations, so they can focus on their core activities and objectives.

Benefits of Ordolio’s Belcotax Integration:

– Time-saving: By automating the generation of the XML file, organizations save precious time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry.
– Error reduction: Automation minimizes the risk of data entry errors, which is crucial for the accuracy of tax certificates.
– User-friendly: Ordolio’s interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for everyone to navigate and perform the necessary actions.
– Support: Although filing the declaration is beyond the scope of Ordolio, the platform offers extensive support for all preparatory steps.

How to Get Started with Ordolio’s Belcotax Integration?

For associations looking to get started with Ordolio’s Belcotax integration, the process is simple. Start by setting up your association profile on the platform, including registering your certification body and Belcotax number. You can then add activities and participating members, and Ordolio will do the rest of the work in terms of generating the necessary XML file.

Conclusion: A New Era for Tax Returns

With the advent of digital solutions such as Ordolio’s Belcotax integration, Belgian associations are entering a new era of administrative efficiency. Gone are the days of time-consuming manual processes, replaced by a streamlined, error-proof system that not only reduces the burden but also ensures compliance with tax requirements.


The integration of Ordolio with Belcotax represents a significant advancement for Belgian organizations in their pursuit of more efficient administration.
By applying technological innovation to traditional processes, Ordolio not only provides a solution to current challenges but also takes a step towards the future of association management.
For more information on how to get started with Ordolio’s Belcotax integration, visit or contact us directly at [email protected]. Discover how you can reduce the administrative burden of your organization while ensuring compliance with tax obligations. Welcome to the era of administrative simplification with Ordolio.

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