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Our forest classes have never went so well
The school secretariat speaks:
A few months ago we came into contact with the Ordolio team. We were looking for a solid solution for communication with parents for our forest class. But also a solution for documents, medical records of students, copyrights for photos if parents do not want their children to end up on social media or our website.
We were mainly looking for a way to receive the finances of each student in a smooth and easy way, without too much complicated administration and follow-up.

Our extracurricular activity module at its best!

Ordolio has fully met our needs. Never before have we received all documents, registrations, medical forms from each student and payments in such a structured and smooth manner.
Everything very clear and organized.
Our teachers who went out with our students could access the platform at any time to consult information about each student.
We know what to do for any future extracurricular activity.

Our School Photo Day is already ready to activate. Thx!

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Start IT @KBC

Great news

Ordolio is pleased to announce that we have been selected for the prestigious Start it Accelerate | @KBC programma!

Start IT @KBC

And it doesn't end...

We have been selected for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program!

This incredible opportunity will allow us to accelerate our mission to help clubs and youth movements streamline their administrative tasks while respecting the privacy of their members.