the start of your administration

Allow members to register and easily pay the membership fee. Configure which groups are active.

Follow the payment status clearly. Accommodate members by allowing family discounts or installment payments.


Accept registrations easily and quickly

Have members register for your association and register for the current operating year.

Members can register themselves or parents can add several children and register them.

Have the membership fee paid online – automate & save time

Members can pay the membership fee online.

You will receive a nice overview of all registrations, together with their payment status.

Follow up registrations and payment status

Easily follow your registrations via various overview lists.

New registrations that need your attention immediately catch the eye. You will find all registered members in the general overview list.

Send a reminder to all members who have not yet registered for your current year of operation.

Easily track the payment status and see whether everyone has paid their membership fees.

Configure your groups for members to register for

Easily divide your members into groups and let them choose which group they belong to when they register.

Appoint a group leader so that members immediately have their contact details.

Use a global membership fee rate or opt for a separate membership fee per group.

Request additional information when registering

Do you need specific information from a member when registering?

Easily add additional questions to the registration process and get all the information you need.

Family discounts & payments in installments

Cater to all your members’ financial situations and add family discounts and installment payments.

Configure discounts when a parent enrolls multiple children.

Choose how many installments the membership fee can be paid in and when the last installment must be paid.

Nothing compares to Ordolio.


From the start, we immediately experienced that Ordolio saves us a huge amount of time. All administration of the different age groups is displayed very clearly. Missing documents can be quickly retrieved. Unpaid membership fees remain in the red. We used to have to check all bank accounts manually. A lot of time savings.

Alexander S.
Chiro Jegra

Ordolio has been a game-changer for us in the way we work internally. Now we do everything digitally. New members are added by the parents. Documents uploaded by them and the platform generates a lot itself. Good communication and fast member support works perfectly. It’s wonderful how one program helps our entire club.

Vincent V.L.

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