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Share all types of documents with your members. Make documents visible only to specific members, or to a group of members.

Configure different criteria for making your documents visible.⬇️

Easily share documents with your members

Upload documents that should be available to your members.

Your members can easily download these documents via their dashboard.

Choose who sees which document

Use different criteria to make your documents available only to the members who need to see them.

Belcotax 🇧🇪

Your tax return declaration simplified.

Ordolio generates the necessary XML file with which you can easily and quickly file your Belcotax declaration.
Organize your member activities via Ordolio and choose convenience.

Automatic documents

Tax and participation certificates

When you organize activities with Ordolio, we automatically generate tax certificates for everyone who is eligible and participation certificates. Members can easily download their certificates themselves via their dashboard.

Nothing compares to Ordolio.


From the start, we immediately experienced that Ordolio saves us a huge amount of time. All administration of the different age groups is displayed very clearly. Missing documents can be quickly retrieved. Unpaid membership fees remain in the red. We used to have to check all bank accounts manually. A lot of time savings.

Alexander S.
Chiro Jegra

Ordolio has been a game-changer for us in the way we work internally. Now we do everything digitally. New members are added by the parents. Documents uploaded by them and the platform generates a lot itself. Good communication and fast member support works perfectly. It’s wonderful how one program helps our entire club.

Vincent V.L.

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