for all your promotions and products

With a webshop you can sell your association products online! Sell ​​all year round or quickly launch a promotion for a specific sale with your association. Raising money has never been easier.

Also accept donations via your webshop and receive extra money to support your operation.

With Ordolio you can start a webshop in no time.



  • The number of orders due to fast processing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Your turnover to support your operation


  • Chaotic administration of orders
  • Miscommunication
  • Lost income

A shop that is always open

Easy handling and follow-up.

Unlimited products

Big or small, you choose.

Add unlimited products to your webshop. Categorize as much as you want and make it clear. Sell ​​anything you want: from clothes to chocolate wafers!

Easy inventory management

Easily monitor your stock.

Set your stock level and we will keep it up to date after every order. Choose whether customers can still order the product if stock runs out. We will always give you a heads up.

Customize your products


Request information from the customer when ordering a product. Make your products unique.

Organize a campaign or collection

Easily arranged with our mini-shops.

With mini shops you can quickly and easily create a separate webshop for a specific purpose. For example, you can create a mini shop for a waffle sale or another fundraising campaign. Indicate how long your promotion will run and what your monetary goal is. The mini shop will automatically show the progress of your campaign to your customers.

Sell ​​one of our partner products

Quick extra money for your association.

Partner products are carefully selected products offered by our partners! These partners make their products available via Ordolio, after which you have the freedom to offer them in your webshop.

For each partner product you can view the purchase price and the recommended retail price, after which you determine the sales price yourself, giving you control over your own margin per product.

Transparent service costs

A service fee is charged per order to facilitate online payment and services. This service cost is 4% of the total amount of the order.

When you set the price of a product, we show you how much we actually transfer to your bank account per product sold.

This service charge covers all bank and credit card charges as well as VAT. No hidden catches.

Nothing compares to Ordolio.


From the start, we immediately experienced that Ordolio saves us a huge amount of time. All administration of the different age groups is displayed very clearly. Missing documents can be quickly retrieved. Unpaid membership fees remain in the red. We used to have to check all bank accounts manually. A lot of time savings.

Alexander S.
Chiro Jegra

Ordolio has been a game-changer for us in the way we work internally. Now we do everything digitally. New members are added by the parents. Documents uploaded by them and the platform generates a lot itself. Good communication and fast member support works perfectly. It’s wonderful how one program helps our entire club.

Vincent V.L.

An extra penny for your association?

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