Share photos

on a safe way

Create photo albums and upload your photos of all your activities and events!

With Ordolio you keep control over your photos and how they are shared.
Be notified when a member does not wish to be in a photo and block non-members from viewing photos.


Take control of your photos

Choose who photos are shared with: specific people, groups, all members, or publicly.

Share blur on photos

Blur easily share photos that should not be visible, such as members who do not give permission.

Bet on

  • Privacy of your members
  • Easy consent tracking
  • Peace of mind


  • Sharing photos without permission
  • Make photos available worldwide
  • Manually blur parts of photos

Share photos
tailored to your association


Tag your members
and see who gives permission

Take your members’ preferences into account.

Tag your members who are visible in a photo. If they have not given permission for a photo, we will notify you.

With our handy blur function you can quickly and easily blur their face to still publish the photo.

Blur or blur parts of your photo directly in Ordolio

No photo editing program required!

Once you upload a photo in Ordolio, you can blur parts of the photos within the platform. Useful if you do not want to show certain parts of a photo, but do not want to delete the photo in its entirety.

You can easily make members who have not given permission to be in photos unrecognizable.

Stay in control
about who can see your photos

Bet on privacy.

Decide who can see your photos: everyone, members only or specific members/groups.

Not only at photo album level, but also per individual photo. This way you always have control over who you share your photos with.

Automatic photo hiding

Always on time.

Avoid mistakes when sharing photos from members who have not given permission.

If you tag a member in a photo without their permission, we will automatically make that photo invisible to everyone.

Nothing compares to Ordolio.


From the start, we immediately experienced that Ordolio saves us a huge amount of time. All administration of the different age groups is displayed very clearly. Missing documents can be quickly retrieved. Unpaid membership fees remain in the red. We used to have to check all bank accounts manually. A lot of time savings.

Alexander S.
Chiro Jegra

Ordolio has been a game-changer for us in the way we work internally. Now we do everything digitally. New members are added by the parents. Documents uploaded by them and the platform generates a lot itself. Good communication and fast member support works perfectly. It’s wonderful how one program helps our entire club.

Vincent V.L.

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