➡ Associations, youth movements & clubs

Member management in a snap

From 20 hours to 10 minutes. And we are not exaggerating.

Total package for all administration and webshop options

Medical forms, payments, set up your own fully-fledged webshop, collect or send

Communication has never been so fast

Respond to nuanced questions faster and build trust along the way

➡ Federations & organizations

Administration and easy management

Overview, structure, document management, guidance and support are central.

So many extras such as a full-fledged webshop!

Need a webshop? Want to quickly offer your products to members and clubs? This is where it starts.

Follow-up and communication

Respond to nuanced questions faster and build trust along the way

➡ Schools and extracurricular activities

School trips

Organize your school trip like never before with the greatest of ease.

Extracurricular sports

Participating students: documents, registration or medical records.

School photography

Order clearly, choose, communicate with students or parents.

knowledge base

FAQ for members & parents

Learn how Ordolio helps build stronger administration and operational efficiency for members and parents

Knowledge and support

Ask Ordolio a question as a parent or member

knowledge base

FAQ for Admin & Webmasters

Discover how Ordolio helps with more overview, quick follow-up and control, structure in your member management, webshop and communication

Knowledge and support

Ask Ordolio a question as an administrator or as Webmaster

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Finally ! A solution for

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as admin, members or parents

Do you get lost in the membership administration and do you ever forget to check the associated documents of all your members or participants? Would you like to generate extra income for your association? Have you ever lost track of registration fees due to manual accounting?

With Ordolio you no longer have to choose
⬇️ and do everything manually. ⬇️

Do you get lost in the membership administration and do you ever forget to check the associated documents of all your members or participants? Would you like to generate extra income for your association? Have you ever lost track of registration fees due to manual accounting?

With Ordolio you no longer have to choose and do everything manually.


More than 500+ sports clubs, associations, schools and federations choose Ordolio for every membership administration, follow-up and events – from simple to complex.

Associations | Clubs

Federations | Organizations

Schools | Extracurricular

Ordolio , ledenbeheer en administratie

There is a lot involved in keeping members and parents happy.
Keep it all central.

management, members, groups, administration by ordolio

Sharing docs

Member overview

Group management


Ticket sales
with QR scan

Automation documents

BELCOTAX, federations, …


Ordolio , ledenbeheer en administratie

It’s not ‘or’. It’s ‘and’.

Administration, member management, organization of events, registrations, payments, document management per member, age classification, overview of statistics, … At Ordolio there is actually an ‘and’ story.

members and group management by Ordolio

Member management and groups

Creating different groups and adding (new) members has never been easier. Forget the paper hassle that traditionally comes with registrations. From now on you do everything digitally! Parents add their children to your association, pay online and voila – the registration is done.

Documents and follow up

All you have to do is check that each parent or member has their complete profile in order. Medical file, documents, … you don’t have to do anything anymore. Automatic document generation fully supports you. Certificates, BELCOTAX, mutual insurance company, ….

activities and travel for members by ordolio
events and ticketing by ordolio

Activities and travel

We’re all going out together! Who’s coming along? And do we have to pay? Parents would like to register their child for an activity as easily as possible. You want to make registrations as smooth as possible and get an overview of who is coming along. Activities allows parents to register their children and pay for the activity if required. You will then receive a nice overview of all members.

All info in a glance by Ordolio

Time saving and overview

In practice and from experience, we know that your administration, control and overview goes from approximately 20 hours of work to approximately 10 minutes. How do we do this? Request your demo.

multifunctional platform for member administration by ordolio

Multifunctional and total package

Events throughout the year, activities that are organized, going to camp together… all fun things that everyone looks forward to. But they all come with a price tag. With our financial module you can easily map out what has come in and out every year, every month or per event.

creating your own webshop by ordolio

Shop and delivery

NEW !! Create your own shop! Let your members, friends, students, … know about your shop, place products, set up secure payments and have them delivered or collected. No problem.

Nothing compares to Ordolio.


From the start, we immediately experienced that Ordolio saves us a huge amount of time. All administration of the different age groups is displayed very clearly. Missing documents can be quickly retrieved. Unpaid membership fees remain in the red. We used to have to check all bank accounts manually. A lot of time savings.

Alexander S.
Chiro Jegra

Ordolio has been a game-changer for us in the way we work internally. Now we do everything digitally. New members are added by the parents. Documents uploaded by them and the platform generates a lot itself. Good communication and fast member support works perfectly. It’s wonderful how one program helps our entire club.

Vincent V.L.

The best of membership administration and communication centrally

Membership & communication

Efficient follow-up, documentation and control of each member’s finances. Are you still missing a document? It was told this way with very simple communication.

Shop, shop, shop

No need for 1000s of euros to build a webshop. We deliver your shop to your account! Very easy to set up, add products, color, sizes, quantity… and automatically deliver or collect.

Events and subscribe

Secure payment systems, registration fees, ticket prices per event, … it’s that easy!


Is your platform free?

Our platform is completely free for the association, school, youth movement, federation, (sports) club, ...
Of course we also have costs and we therefore also need some income. We receive this because a small fee is added and collected each time a registration, ticket or webshop sale is made.

Would you like some more explanation about this?
We would be happy to show it during a demo and then you can see it all for yourself.

Where does the name Ordolio come from?

This was a long process. We have thought about this for a long time. We once started as a platform for youth movements, but we have long since outgrown this stage.
That is why we wanted a name that could appeal to federations, (sports) clubs, associations, organizations, youth movements, schools, etc.

Ordolio means:
“You can actually see it as a derivative of the following: Ordo comes from the Latin "order" or "rule" and Olio from the Italian "oil".
Meaning: "Structured/smoothed organization or community" which points to the various functions and possibilities that our platform offers to keep your club on track.”

Can I get a demo?

Yes of course!

This can be done very easily. On the 'Request a demo' page you can choose a day and time.
We will present the operation of the entire platform in 20 minutes.

Do you generate documents automatically?

Yes, we do! Our platform is equipped with the functionality to automatically generate reimbursement or mutuality certificates. And that's not all, because we have a link with BELCOTAX, which means you are compliant with the legislation. Parents no longer have to do anything manually and everything appears on their tax return.

Which association is your platform for?

We can help any association. Youth movements, sports associations, social cultural associations or schools, etc.

You can do member management, sell tickets with QR, create web shops for extra income, automatically create documents, ...

Would you like more information? Then be sure to request a demo.

How much time does your membership administration take now?

Reduce this to 10 minutes !